SIB-Amsterdam is looking for a new board!
Are you interested in a unique learning experience next to your studies by becoming a board member at a student association that organizes both intellectual and social activities? Do you want to obtain extracurricular credentials that you are unable to obtain anywhere else? Do you want to learn how to cooperate closely within a team in order to keep the association functioning? Can you take on responsibilities and do you want to be in charge of an association that focuses on international relations?

Apply now by sending your curriculum vitae and motivation letter to no later than the 14th of April.

About SIB-Amsterdam
SIB-Amsterdam is the student association in Amsterdam for international relations. With over 180 members, SIB is the first internationally oriented student association in Amsterdam! We are open to both Dutch and international students and all our activities are held in English. SIB is an interdisciplinary student association with a specific focus on political, cultural and social themes. Activities that SIB organizes include lectures, debates, workshops, excursions and several social activities. Moreover, we travel around the world with several trips every year. More information about the association and our activities can be found on

• has a long and rich history. SIB-Amsterdam exists in her current form since 1980, but has a history that dates back to 1947.
• is recognized by the United Nations as an official UN student association. For this reason, our official English name is the Dutch United Nations Student Association Amsterdam.
• has three sister associations in Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht.
• has had several big names as speaker in the past few years including: Frans Timmermans, Sadet Karabulut, Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Frits Bolkestein, Kader Abdolah, Dries van Agt and Maarten van Rossem.
• has travelled in recent years to Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian territories, Russia, the Baltics, the Caucasus region, South Africa and the United States. Furthermore, SIB-Amsterdam organized short trips to Marrakech, Lisbon, Brussels, Dublin and Copenhagen.
• is the association that combines social activities with intellectual activities.

What are the tasks of the board of SIB-Amsterdam?
All positions in the board are part-time (approximately 24-28 hours a week). This means that, with a good planning, you are still able to work part-time and/or obtain study credits. The board is the day-to-day management of the whole association. The board of SIB-Amsterdam is responsible for running the association; together with SIB’s committees the board has to make sure that activities taking place on a regular basis.

The board holds a meeting every week. Several times a year, the board of SIB-Amsterdam is held accountable for their proceedings at the general meetings. In the first place, you are a general board member. Secondly, you fulfil a specific board function. The specific tasks of the different board functions are described below. Besides your specific tasks, you can take on projects that you like, for example organizing events you have affinity with.

Board functions

• Profiling the association.
• Coordinating the tasks of the board.
• Preparing and leading the board meetings and general meetings.
• Making sure the board functions well, both on a personal level and a professional level.
• Functioning as an intermediary between the Advisory Board and the board.
• Representative of SIB-Amsterdam within SIB-Nederland.
• Responsible for the alumni policy.

• Maintaining contact with members and alumni.
• Maintaining the administration.
• Updating the member administration and alumni administration.
• Sending the weekly newsletter.
• Maintaining contact with people who are interested in the association.
• Taking minutes of board meetings and general meetings.

• Responsible for the financial administration and overview.
• Monitoring the budget and financial situation; ensuring the financial stability of the association.
• Responsible for acquisition.
• Delivers financial updates/reports to the board, the Audit Committee and the General Assembly.
• Has the financial authority to make financial transactions on behalf of SIB and to collect the membership contribution.
• Support the committees regarding their budgets.
• Responsible for making budgets and actuals for big events.

Commissioner of Internal Affairs
• Responsible for coordinating the activities of SIB’s committees and societies.
• Responsible for the communication between committees and the board.
• Coordinating the year calendars of the board and committees.
• Acquiring the interest and involvement of SIB’s members in committees and societies and their activities.
• Responsible for the in- and outflow of committee members.
• Organizing and taking charge in committee- and society chair meetings.
• Coordinating and supporting initiatives of members.
• Providing information to new (and potential) members about the different opportunities SIB has to offer to become an active member.
• Evaluating the committees and able to assist in resolving their problems.

Commissioner of External and Professional Affairs
• Exploring and deepening contacts within the field of international relations.
• Deepening the intellectual aspect of the association in innovative ways with the goal of making SIB attractive to members from all study fields.
• Supporting and initiating big events.
• Searching relevant external organizations to organize events with.
• Maintaining contact with professional partners like NGIZ-Amsterdam, Tertium and Clingendael.
• Maintaining and updating the list of speakers.
• Supporting and collaborating with the Committee for External Activities and the Committee for Intellectual Activities with regards to the content and themes of their activities.
• Making and maintaining contact with external partners like the UvA and CREA, and study associations like ASVA, ISN, SV Cyclades and AEGEE.

Commissioner of Promotion
• Promoting SIB among students and student associations by developing and coordinating a promotion policy.
• Coordinating and supporting committees regarding the promotion of their activities.
• Coordinating the introduction weeks of SIB.
• Administering the website and the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
• Maintaining contact with the Amsterdam Chamber of Student Associations (AKvV).

Do you have any questions about the different functions or the association? Do not hesitate to contact us.

The selection committee.

De stichting SIB-Nederland is op zoek naar een nieuwe Ceremonieel Voorzitter!

De startdatum voor de nieuwe Ceremonieel Voorzitter is flexibel en ligt tussen begin april en eind augustus (dit gaat in overleg). Solliciteren kan tot en met 11 maart 2019, door middel van het opsturen van een sollicitatiebrief en je cv naar Vragen kunnen naar hetzelfde e-mailadres.