SIB is currently looking for new members and chairs for some of our committees and societies from the start of the next academic year! You can apply by sending an email to

This applies to the following committees and societies:

The Committee Social Activities (CSA)

SIB is currently looking for new members of the Committee Social Activities. The CSA is tasked with organising social gatherings such as the Dies dinner, Sinterklaas celebrations, Christmas drinks and other fun activities such as ice-skating and pick nicks.

The Committee for External Activities (CEA)

The Committee for External Activities is looking for new members! Our committee organizes visits to internationally-oriented organizations. In the past year we have organized visits to embassies, but we have also visited organizations such as Amnesty International, the ICC and the OPCW, where we got an interesting insight in the work of these organizations. Besides that, we hold monthly meetings together to discuss our upcoming activities. We are happy to meet you!

The Treaty
‘The Treaty’ is the online magazine of SIB-Amsterdam. Each month, it brings together a mix of serious background articles about international politics and reports on the association. We are looking for a new editors who are capable of delivering content that reflects both SIB and the larger discussion of International Relations. Articles will be published in English and can range from a wide variety of topics.
We are currently looking for new editors


We are currently looking for an enthusiastic member to be the new chair of Cinemates, the movie-loving society of SIB! Cinemates organises monthly movie-related activities, from Christmas movie nights and film festival visits to regular movie nights at home and in the cinema. As chair, you are responsible for initiating activities and stimulating other Cinemates members to organise get togethers. Furthermore, you will represent the committee within the association, meaning that you will attend society chair-meetings and General Members Assembly’s. In general, being a society chair takes very little time, so don’t worry about that! Interested? Email to and we will be in touch.


The strategic game society and oldest society of SIB ‘Panem et Circenses’ is accepting new members! Panem is an easy-going, fun and low-key society, where we get together once a month to have dinner and play various kind of games.

Do you like playing strategic (board) games, lots of food and beverages and good company? Then you should definitely check out Panem et Circenses. In the past we have played games like Exploding Kittens, Unstable Unicorns, Cards against humanity, Machiavelli and Catan. It does not matter if you are an expert who knows all games by heart or if you have never even played a card game before, we welcome all players!

Gambling Society

Join the Gambling Society for some Black Jack, slot machines, roulette or poker! The Gamblers Society aims to organize at least one gambling event each month. The main activities will consist of casino visits and poker tournaments. In international relations it is after all extremely important to be able to deal with odds that are against you. Besides that, you might be able to impress Putin or a questionable dictator with your skills. Gambling can raise the appetite, so before casino visit or poker tournaments we will often consume a nutritious meal.

Cultural Society

The Cultural Society lets you experience Amsterdam in a completely different way. Being one of the youngest societies of SIB, is our mission to bring you close to Amsterdams cultural heart. Be it the visit to an Exhibition such as the World Press Photo 2018 or a joint evening to see a play at the Carreé, we offer it all. Once a month there is a culturally orientated activity. Which one? YOU DECIDE! The members choose themselves what they would like to do, the majority decides.

Would you like to become a member or apply for one of these positions? Do you want to know more or do you have any questions please contact our Commissioner of Internal Affairs by sending an email

Sign-up for next years MUNDUNSA delegation has opened! We will participate in HamMUN (a MUN in Hamburg) from the 28th of November till the first of December, and are visiting a MUN from the 16th till the 22nd of March, but we are not sure which one yet. Trainings will be on Thursdays between 19:45 and 22:00 at Roeterseilandcampus. We are looking for motivated, engaged and enthusiastic members, so we expect you to be at every training and both MUN’s. The deadline is the 21st of September (in two weeks) so be quick!

MUNDUNSA is the youngest committee of SIB. We are focused on debate and Model United Nations (MUN) and related skills such as public speaking, rhetoric and negotiation. MUNDUNSA is a both a delegation and an activities committee. As a delegation we will be visiting MUNs around the world. As an activities committee we organize trainings and debate nights.