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Lecture: The United States of Trump

[This lecture is in English / Deze lezing is in het Engels]

The United States of Trump
What can we expect for the coming four years?

On the campaign trail Donald Trump has made some big statements, from prosecuting Hillary Clinton to stopping muslims from entering the country. Based on what we have seen since his elections and the cabinet he has formed what can we expect for the coming four years? What is his plan for his first 100 days? Will he drain the swamp on the Potomac river or will he be a puppet of the lobbyists?

As usual for our lectures we will also take a specific look at the international impact this will have. Will his tenure as President be a string of gaffes such as his recent phone call with the President of Taiwan? What does his election mean for the balance of power in Europe? Or does a country just need to build one of his hotels to stay on his good side?

On the 17th of January, three days before Inauguration Day SIB-Amsterdam will preview his term with a number of experts on America.