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Geneva Trip – UNCTAD Meeting

After the WHO, we went back to the UN to have a meeting about the UNCTAD Youth Forum. UNCTAD introduced a special way to include young people in their negotiations, namely by having a Youth Forum. The first Youth Forum took place during UNCTAD 14 in 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya. The next Youth Forum will be in October 2018 in Geneva.

In groups, we discussed which topics should be discussed at the Youth Forum. Examples that we came up with are: mental health, cybersecurity, trade dependency, youth entrepreneurship and youth leadership. Hopefully some of us will join the Youth Forum in October! We discussed our outcomes with Vice-President of the Alibaba Group Brian A. Wong. He told us about his life story, how he works with Jack Ma and why young people are so important. He and the UNCTAD team will look at our best practices and ideas and will hopefully implement them at the Youth Forum coming October.



ByWeb editor SIB

Geneva trip – UNCTAD

On the 16thand 17thof April, SIB Amsterdam I Dutch United Nations Student Association visited the United Nations in Geneva. We primarily visited the UNCTAD eCommerce conference. UNCTAD stands for: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. They merely deal with creating more trade opportunities and intensifying development around the world. UNCTAD is keen on including youth in their policy discussions and therefore was happy to host us for the tow days.

On the first day, we got the opportunity to meet the Secretary General of UNCTAD Dr. Kituyi. A former Kenyan minister. He believes young people should be able to be involved in the entrepreneurship and telling UNCTAD which direction it should take. Later that day, we as a group visited a real high-level dialogue where ministers would discuss the role of sustainable development in eCommerce. One of our participants, Rick prepared a question for the ministers. Unfortunately, the panel discussion did not finish in time which caused that Rick could not ask his question.