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Conference: Upcoming Nationalism in Contemporary Europe

Co-Sponsored by JASON Institute,

Amsterdam April 8th, 2017

Nowadays, we observe a growth in nationalism in Europe. The growing popularity of nationalist right wing and the recent Brexit are clear examples of this. There are a lot of questions to be asked. What reasons are there for this rising nationalism? And what role do the media play? How does our brain respond to charismatic leaders? And how big is the factor of religion?

In order to gain  answers to these questions SIB-Amsterdam and JASON Institute will organise a variety of workshops by experts that will shed light on the concept of nationalism in Europe from these different angles.

The conference will be held on  Saturday April 8th from 11 until 5 p.m. All events will be held at the Mirror Centre, Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX Amsterdam. We will end this informative day with drinks at the same location.

For more information and tickets click here or go to “conference” at the top menu.

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Lecture: NATO in Europe

From the 6th until the 10th of February SIB-Amsterdam organises its annual Spring Theme Week. During this week SIB organises activities with a cohesive theme. The theme of this year will be ‘NATO in Europe’.
On Monday the 6th of February we will have our first activity: a lecture. The subject is very present, seen the statements Donald Trump has made during his campaign. Trump wasn’t pleased with the allocation of the costs. What will be the future of the NATO in Europe? Various subjects will be discussed, such as security, safety and terroris