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MUNDUNSA at EuroMUN 2018

On the 10th of May, after a long period of training and workshops, our MUN and debate society, MUNDUNSA, went to the EuroMUN conference in Maastricht. We were with a group of nine people: eight men and one woman. We took the train at 7 am, which was way too early for us as students, but most of us were on time.
Having arrived, we went directly to the conference. The opening ceremony was an excellent moment to catch up on some sleep for most of us, although the Israelian chicken Eurovision song was a good wake up call. Afterward, all of us started in our committees. Patrick was in the Crisis committee, where they simulated a civil war in the US and Mexico in the 18th century. Didier took place in the World Health Organization, Wouter in the Human Rights Council, Jared and Emre in the ECOSOC committee, Merle and Jasper in the European Parliament, Andre in the Council of the EU and last but not least, Alex took place in the NATO.
After a long first day, with getting a lot of new impressions and meeting even more new people, we went to our hotel to drop our luggage. There wasn’t much time for resting though. Some of us went to the Food Truck Festival to meet their committee members there. The rest went out for dinner together in the city. Maastricht is a lovely city, so we didn’t mind exploring it.
On the second day, the committees became more active. People had more to say and the new people became more familiar. The debates kept on going, teams were being made and the socials became better. On the third day, we ended the day with the gala, which was a very good party. But what happens at the gala …, indeed, stays at the gala.
The final day was without a doubt the hardest. Everyone was by then exhausted, but still wanted to win the debate and maybe even more important, the committee awards! In every committee, consensus was being reached and friendships were being closed. The conference was closed by a closing ceremony. Afterwards, we had a good dinner with our delegation before we took off back to Amsterdam. The train ride back home was a lot more silent than the ride to Maastricht, but that was a good sign.
We enjoyed this conference very much. We laughed, got upset when we didn’t win and made new friendships. We are already planning our next visits (!, yes plural!) to other conferences. Are you interested in joining us? Please contact us and we might see you soon in our team!
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Conference: Upcoming Nationalism in Contemporary Europe

Co-Sponsored by JASON Institute,

Amsterdam April 8th, 2017

Nowadays, we observe a growth in nationalism in Europe. The growing popularity of nationalist right wing and the recent Brexit are clear examples of this. There are a lot of questions to be asked. What reasons are there for this rising nationalism? And what role do the media play? How does our brain respond to charismatic leaders? And how big is the factor of religion?

In order to gain  answers to these questions SIB-Amsterdam and JASON Institute will organise a variety of workshops by experts that will shed light on the concept of nationalism in Europe from these different angles.

The conference will be held on  Saturday April 8th from 11 until 5 p.m. All events will be held at the Mirror Centre, Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX Amsterdam. We will end this informative day with drinks at the same location.

For more information and tickets click here or go to “conference” at the top menu.

You can also find this event on Facebook.