Committee of Recommendation

The Committee of Recommendation exists of people who support SIB-Amsterdam and agree with the goals and activities. Currently, the Committee of Recommendation exists of the following people:

  • F. Bolkestein — President-curator Teldersstichting
  • Prof.dr. D. van den Boom — Rector Universiteit van Amsterdam 2007-2016
  • Mr. M.J. Cohen — Mayor of Amsterdam 2001-2010
  • Prof.dr. K. Colijn — Director Instituut Clingendael
  • Prof.dr. J.P. Pronk — Special UN envoy in Sudan 2004-2006
  • J. W. Zwemmer — Rector Universiteit van Amsterdam 2007
  • Prof.dr. Lex M. Bouter — Rector VU 2006-2013