About SIB

Because our association is for students of all disciplinaries, we have a very strong interdisciplinary character. SIB is open for people between 16 en 36 and all students from the University of Amsterdam, the Free University, Amsterdam University College, University of Applied Sciences or any other institute for higher education.

The Dutch United Nations Student Association (DUNSA, or in Dutch known as SIB) is an internationally oriented student association in Amsterdam. We organise lectures, excursions, study trips and are interested in what happens in the world. We are open to all students of all disciplines.

SIB-Amsterdam is affiliated to the United Nations as part of an international network of UN Associations, namely the World Federation of United Nations Student Associations (WFUNA). For that reason, we carry the name Dutch United Nations Student Association (DUNSA). We endorse the UN Charter and are politicly neutral.


Although SIB has a lot of members who study in Amsterdam for one semester, SIB-Amsterdam is not a special student association for students on exchange. Nonetheless, all of our activities are in English and becoming a member of SIB is a great way to meet new (international) students with similar interests. Due to the fact that you can become a half-yearly member for only 29 euros makes it even more interesting! Click here to find out more about signing up.

The location of our activities changes, depending on the event. Lectures are almost always at CREA Student Cultural Center (Nieuwe Achtergracht 170) at Roeterseiland. Excursions are, of course, at the location of the institution we visit, which is most of the times The Hague, the political heart of the Netherlands. Our drinks normally take place at Bar Bukowski (Oosterpark 10). Finally, our office can also be found at CREA on the 4th-floor room 14.

Yes, absolutely! At the beginning of each academic year, SIB goes on an introduction weekend to Brussels, the capital of European Union. Furthermore, we organise a short trip in November of four days to an interesting city in Europe. In the summer we make a long trip of two weeks to a special location far away from home. Last years we went to Israel, Jordan, Portugal, Marocco and South Africa. Find out more about traveling here.

Yes! We organise drinks every other week from 20:30h at Bar Bukowski (Oosterpark 10). Besides that, we organise several (theme) parties throughout the year. Check out our next event here.

No, SIB is open for people from all kinds of study backgrounds. Whether you study Economics, Geography or Medicine, it does not matter. Nonetheless, popular Studies of our members are Political Science, Law, History and Psychology. This results in an association, which covers a broad program with a wide range of topics.

Become a member?

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to info@sibamsterdam.nl.

Yes of course! Join us at one of our activities or at our bi-weekly drink. You are more than welcome to check if SIB is the right association for you. There are, however, some activities, for which you are required to be a member, such as a foreign trip. Check out our upcoming events here.

SIB’s membership costs only 50 euros for the whole year. The year starts on the 1st of September and ends on the 31st of August. If you sign up after 1st of February, you will only pay 29 euros for the rest of the year.

It is also possible to become a half-yearly member for 29 euros, from 1st of September until the 31st of January. If you don’t terminate your membership before the 1st of February, your membership will automatically be continued as a regular member. Click here to become a member.

No, we don’t have any obligations to members. Come as you like!

No, we don’t have hazing for new members. SIB does not have strong hierarchical relations: everybody is equal. As soon as you are a member, you can just come to an activity or join one of our committees of societies.

In September SIB always organises a new-member trip to Brussels to get to know each other.

Yes, that is no problem! Everyone, between 16 and 35 years can become a member of our association. Especially when you are done studying, our association stays interesting because of our intellectual activities.

Yes, that is no problem! Everyone between 16 and 35 years can become a member of our association. We offer a lot of different activities, so there are always activities which you might find interesting.


Everyone between 16 and 35 years can become a member of SIB-Amsterdam | DUNSA. If you are a student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the UvA, VU or somewhere else, it does not matter.


You can become a member by clicking here and register yourself online. You can also join us for our biweekly drink, on Wednesday evening from 8:30 p.m. at Bar Bukowski (Oosterpak 10), to meet the board and the members and sign up on the spot! Check out our next drink here.

Become active?

Societies are constituted by SIB members, who share a common interest. Societies organise activities for their own members, which relates to their shared interest. Throughout the year, there are possibilities to join a society and twice a year societies organises open events for the whole association.
SIB now has a broad range of societies. Although all of the committees are somehow linked to International relations, this should be broadly interpreted. Find an overview of our societies here.

Committees are groups of members (mostly between 4 and 8 members), who organise activities or other things for the association. Some committees are working throughout the year, while others are established for a specific project. Check out the overview of our committees here.


Every SIB member can become active by joining a committee or a society. If you are a new member, our Commissioner for Internal relations would love to tell you more about the several possibilities in case you are interested. Please, click here to send an email and start becoming actively involved!

Terminate membership

If you want to terminate your membership you should fill out this form and send it to our secretary. Please note that terminations must be submitted before 31 August prior to the academic year. The termination starts  at the beginning of the next accademic year. Find out more here.


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