Do you like good food and delicious wines? Then the Ladies and Gents of Dionysus Society is something for you. In Greek mythology, Dionysus is seen as god of wine. The wine and eating culture can tell a lot about a region or country. For example, Persian cuisine is known for its diversity, with many uses of different spices and ingredients. This diversity refers to an ancient history of influences from various countries (including China, India, Turkey and Europe).

Once in the four to six weeks we meet as a society, choosing a region or country as a theme. The wines come from a specific region or country and we cook the dishes based on the chosen theme. Every member of the society makes a dish, then we share the dishes with someone at home and eat it (with the appropriate wines included). In addition to these meals, we also organize other activities such as wine tastings and cooking workshops. In short, are you a nice wine lover who would like to try all the food and wine cultures? Become a member of the Ladies and Gents of Dionysus!
You can email to: dionysus@sibamsterdam.nl