Welcome on the official GenootSAP page! Consider this the most adventurous GROUP OF PEOPLE in Amsterdam. GenootSAP is all about getting outside of the comfort zone and discovering new things. When was the last time you did something for the first time? Exactly. Remember that adrenaline kick you got when you went on your first rollercoaster ride? Obtaining that feeling is what we’re all about. Join the GenootSAP and you won’t run out of exciting stories to tell your friends!

The GenootSAP is there for those who already have an open mind towards adventure, but also for those who want to develop their adventurous side. Knowledge comes in many different shapes and sizes and when you join the GenootSAP, you learn one of the best ways to obtain it: just experience the unknown! The GenootSAP really speaks for itself (that is, if you speak Dutch 😉). It’s both a pun (‘genootsap’ is derived from the word ‘genootschap’ or ‘fraternity’/’association’) and an abbreviation: Spiritual Alternative Personality (or ‘Spirituele Andere Persoonlijkheid’ in Dutch). The name is nothing short of a bad joke; but we carry it with pride. Saying you’re part of a group with a name like ours is the first step outside of your comfort zone! Living a boring and predictable life is okay, but by joining the GenootSAP you’ll be sure to spice it up a notch. Together we discover our inner fire of adventure!

But don’t worry! Even though we aim to free ourselves from the restrictions of our comfort zones, our activities are always relaxed and respectful; we never force anyone to do anything they don’t like. It’s the spirit that counts, the attempt of doing something you wouldn’t otherwise do is already outside of your comfort zone. That being said, among brothers from other mothers and sisters from other misters, scary things suddenly become a whole lot less scary!
The nature of our events is typically secretive. We’ve got to keep things surprising and you’ll have to take a leap of faith by joining the activity! Just take a look at past activities and you’ll get a good feeling of the type of events that we’ve done. Of course, the best way to understand what we’re all about is to hear it from the members directly, so don’t hesitate to contact us on the interwebz or in real life!

Use the link below to become a member or just join one of our activities (membership never required).

Take it easy y’all and keep it fruity!