SIB-Amsterdam has three sister associations in other cities in The Netherlands. SIB can be found in Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht. These cities are part of the umbrella organisation of SIB-Nederland. These SIB cities are committed to expanding international consciousness in students in all possible disciplines. By organising lectures, masterclasses, simulations, excursions and trips abroad we try to reach this aim.

SIB is politically neutral and does not support and ideological vision. SIB, however, does support the Charter of the United Nations. The presidents of the four cities meet every once in six weeks to exchange ideas and discuss affairs affecting all cities. On the website of SIB-Nederland you can find more information (in Dutch).



Postbus 1287
9701 BG Groningen
tel: 050-3634674




Postbus 439
2300 AK Leiden
Tel: 071-527 7559




Achter Sint Pieter 25 k. 101
3512 HR Utrecht
tel: 030-2532884