History of SIB

The history of SIB starts on 30 November 1947. On this date, the Dutch Student Association for Federal World Government was established. The name owes the association to the assumption at the time that, just after World War II, a world government was the only solution for a stable and lasting peace. However, in 1948 it was already concluded that such a world government was impossible to realize and that peace must first be founded and maintained on a smaller scale. A European partnership and the United Nations should guarantee peace in the future. The name changed in Dutch Student Association for Global Rule of Law. That same year, the association joined the International Students Movement for the United Nations (ISMUN). Our international name, Dutch United Nations Student Association (DUNSA) and the UN emblem in our logo are still a reference to this event.

In 1962, our association decided to change her name again, because it turned out that, especially because of the Cold War, the objectives could no longer be realized. Under the current name, Studentenvereniging voor Internationale Betrekkingen (lit. Student Association for International Relations: SIB), changed its main objective to interest its members in international relations. The association grew strongly and split in different associations in student cities across the country, one of them being Amsterdam.