Travel Committee

An association that deals with international relations obviously likes to travel. Several times a year we travel abroad to visit (international) organizations, companies, embassies or partner associations and explore a city or country. The SIB’s Travel Committee specializes in finding attractive destinations and organizing a program that is full of both content and relaxation activities.

At the start of the association year, we have an introduction trip. In addition, in the autumn and/or spring we have a short journey within Europe. We also organise lift competitions occasionally. The largest project of the Travel Committee is the ‘big trip’, which usually takes place in summer.

SIB has traveled all over the world over the last few years. From Brussels to South Africa, from New York to China and from Morocco to Jordan – everywhere we leave behind our tracks. We are always looking for people who like to make an active contribution here. If you are interested in the Travel Committee, send an email to our Commissioner of Internal Affairs.

Chair: Jared Freed
Committee members: Alex Mostert, Jens Ostendorf, Ruxandra Cojoaca, Linda Hacke, Oona Lindqvist

Recent trips:

• Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Jordan
• Porto and Lisbon
• Istanbul
• South Africa
• Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
• Marrakech
• The Balkan
• Edinburgh