The Treaty

‘The Treaty’ is the online magazine of SIB-Amsterdam. Each month, it brings together a mix of serious background articles about international politics and reports on the association. Critical pieces about integration issues or policies in the European Union; interviews with SIB members; the concerns of the board in the board column; and the last gossip and dubious statements, often given by the alcohol of the weekly drink- it all has its place in The Treaty.


Deek Hussain Jama

Deek Hussain Jama

Hello, fellow SIBers! I’m Deek Hussain Jama and I’m the new Editor-in-Chief for our news publication, The Treaty. Although I have only joined SIB a month ago, I have thoroughly enjoyed attending some of the events and meeting some really interesting people.

So, a little about me. I’m from London and I did a bachelor’s in journalism. After I graduated last year, I moved to Amsterdam to work as a producer for a media network headquartered in the city. I have enjoyed producing videos about topics that I felt the world should know more about.

Fast forward to this September, I decided to continue my education and do a Master’s in Political Science at UvA and this is when I was introduced to SIB through a friend. I thought the concept of this association was really cool because it allowed individuals with different views to discuss topics and attend events that I found intriguing.

After joining, I thought I would go one step further and join The Treaty as reporting on human rights and politics is my passion. I believe that The Treaty has so much potential to be a voice for SIB from discussing issues around the world to reflecting on the work we have done as an association. My goal is to make this idea come to fruition by using skills that I’ve acquired from my work experience and help develop the publication.

If you have suggestions on what you expect from us or even interested in joining us in our mission, please feel free to contact me at

I look forward to meeting more of you guys throughout the year!

Mehmet Emre Demirkiran

Mehmet Emre Demirkiran

My name is Mehmet Emre Demirkiran and I am a contributor to the Treaty, DUNSA’s magazine. I hold a dual citizenship; that is, I have a Turkish and Dutch nationality. This allows me to follow a third source of news, next to Dutch and English, and I wish to write articles for the Treaty based on the intersection of these three.

My academic background is in economics and political science, but I’m also interested in sociology and in particular the connection between the three. In other words, a true mixture of social sciences. Additionally, I am also interested in geopolitics as this is something that is continuously important for every part of the world.

Consequently, you can expect a diverse portfolio of articles touching on one, two, or even more relevant issues. I wish to write on subjects that focus on the things that happen around the time of publication. This can be small stuff like the Khashoggi murder or larger things like the Rohingya’s flight from genocide.

If you have any questions or comments on my articles, please feel free to ask me. I’d be happy to engage into a dialogue about the subject matter and exchange ideas.

Abhijit Bhanudas Mahale

Abhijit Bhanudas Mahale

Hi there!… My name is Abhijit Bhanudas Mahale and friends call me Abhi. I am from Pune, India. My academic background is Mechanical Engineering and Operations Management. I am following International Relations since last seven years and currently pursuing masters in International Relations at UvA.

My areas of interest are Environment, Geo-politics, Economics and Spiritualism. I am therefore expecting to have a wider angle with the issues that I will present for The Treaty. I would like to focus on issues that are not in headlines but still important to the international relations.

I will be happy to know your opinions about my articles and the issues you expect me to write about. Do you like to analyse and write about what is happening around? You are welcome to present it at the Treaty.