SIB-Amsterdam has a handful of committees. Committees exist out of members (mostly somewhere between 4 to 8), who are responsible for organising specific activities for the association (lectures, excursions, workshops, the digital journal, trips abroad etcetera). Some committees continue to exist throughout the year, while other committees are only there to organise a specific project.

Being part of a committee takes some of your time, but when a committee is organised in an effective way this does not have to be a lot. By joining a committee you quickly get to know some of the SIB-members, you learn how to cooperate and gain and, above all, it is very gezellig! Afterwards, you could together look back on a successfully organised workshop, a well attended lecture or a spectacular trip!

Every member of SIB can become part of one of our committees. New members will receive an e-mail with information regarding our committees and the possibilities from the Commissioner of Internal Affairs if they want to. Are you still interested? E-mail the Commissioner for Internal Affairs for more information.