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SIB-Amsterdam (or our official English name: Dutch United Nations Student Association) is thé student association of Amsterdam for international relations. SIB-Amsterdam, a chapter of the nationwide SIB-Nederland, is committed to increase international awareness among students. We are interested in international relations in the broadest sense. SIB-Amsterdam consists of members with different study backgrounds who all share an interest in international relations and related themes.

SIB-Amsterdam offers not only in-depth activities but also social activities and thereby facilitates the intellectual and personal development of its members. Lectures are organised on a regular basis, where politicians, policymakers and experts elaborate on current affairs. We also organise visits to organisations with an international character, such as embassies, ministries, multinational companies and NGO’s. Every year we also plan multiple trips abroad.

There are no obligations for our members to participate in every activity or to be active in any other way. You could organise activities by joining one of our committee’s. For example the committee responsible for organising lectures and masterclasses (CIA); the committee for external activities (CEA); the committee for social activities (CSA); the committee responsible for the trips we make (Travel committee) etc. Within a committee, it is possible to develop yourself and gain some organisational experience. In addition to our committees, it is also possible to meet people with a similar interest within one of our Genootschappen (societies). You are able to join Bibendum Est (Beer Society), The Ladies and Gents of Dionysus (Wine Society), Panem et Circenses (Strategic Society) and GenootSAP. You are also more than welcome to join our bi-weekly drinks that we have on Wednesday from 20:30h onwards at Bar Bukowski (Oosterpark 10).

Besides our social and intellectual activities, we also offer discount on books, events and other activities. We have several partners that offer us special deals. Moreover, by being a member of SIB-Amsterdam you get regularly updates on vacancies for internships and summer schools with regard to the field of International Relations. Are you interested in becoming a member? Click here!

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The board is responsible for managing and overseeing SIB's activities on a day-to-day basis.


Bob Dimitri Demets


Hanna Dohle


Maartje Gras


Hana Salem

Internal Affairs

Katrīna Ošiņa

External Affairs

Luca Elsbernd


SIB-Amsterdam has partnerships with several universities and (international) institutions.